Dear Peachtree Park Neighbor,

We’re finally getting a taste of warmer weather so let’s get outside and PLAY!

Street Play had a great year and was financially stable due to increased dues and thanks to your generosity. In the last few years, we even had neighbors whose children are grown donate to the cause. This allowed us to fully fund our activities. (Street Play does not receive funding from any outside groups; therefore, we are totally dependent upon Street Play dues). Street Play is a very special part of our neighborhood and we hope to continue to enjoy it for years to come.

This year, we are asking families to renew their commitment to Street Play and keeping the dues the same as last year. Just like last year, dues will be $30 per child with a $50 per family maximum. Dues will help us cover the costs of the great activities Street Play provides, including:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • July 4th Parade
  • Summer Street Play (ice cream social, water play, fire truck visit and more!)
  • Halloween Carnival (face painting, bounce house, games and more!)

Street Play is a great way to get outside and meet your neighbors or catch up with the ones you already know, all while your kids have a blast. We need your support, not only through dues, but also through volunteers. Let us know how you can help!

We have a Facebook page (Peachtree Park Street Play) where we will post announcements and upcoming events. Also, we have a PayPal ( account…we hope to make it easy as possible to support Street Play.

Please either pay by check (download the sign-up form HERE) or pay via PayPal (

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We can’t wait to see you at Street Play!


Cassandra Harris, Dale Drive
Jeaneane Camp, Peachtree Drive
Kristen Nelson, Peachtree Drive

What is Street Play?

Street Play is an organized playgroup for Peachtree Park children (and their parents!). Special events are planned throughout the year and held in the neighborhood. Children of all ages are welcome (typically, we see ages 1 – 10).


Holiday Events:
March 20, 2016 – Easter Egg Hunt
July 4, 2016 – July 4th Parade & Popsicles
October 30, 2016 – Halloween Carnival

Summer Events:
May 19, 2016 – Ice Cream & Face Painting
June 16, 2016 – Fun at the Pocket Park
July 28, 2016 – Fire Truck & Safety Night
August 11, 2016 – Back to School Pizza Party

How do I sign up?

  1. Email your information to and send money via PayPal.
  2. Return your form and send your check to Jeaneane Camp, 3072 Peachtree Drive. Download the sign-up form HERE.

How much does it cost?

$30 per child, $50 per family maximum.
Please make checks payable to Peachtree Park Street Play

Who do I contact with questions or suggestions? OR
Jeaneane Camp,, (678) 477-2899
Cassandra Harris,, (561) 722-0126
Kristen Nelson,, (443) 401-5774